Housing Choice Vouchers/ Mainstream Vouchers

Rental Assistance for low-income, elderly and disabled Families!

About Us

Our Jurisdiction

We have 2 voucher programs. Our Housing Choice Voucher Program serves all of Platte County, Missouri.

Our Mainstream Program is for people with disabilities and it serves the Kansas City Metro area. (Platte, Clay, Jackson and Cass Counties.)

How long is our Wait list?

We do not receive new vouchers every year. We have 82 HCV and 75 Mainstream Vouchers. We fill vacancies as they become available from our wait list. Therefore, the wait can be 3-5 years. We do not have emergency housing nor do we have a preference, we go by date and time of application.

How do I apply?

We do not take applications in our office. We accept applications on-line only.  Please click the link below for the application web page! WE CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW LONG YOUR WAIT WILL BE OR YOUR POSITION ON THE WAIT LIST!

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Send us a message with any questions or concerns, and we'll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.

Weston Housing Authority

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